Eliona Driver


Product description

IoTEC Eliona
The IoTEC Eliona driver is the interface between the Niagara framework and the Eliona platform. Communication is encrypted in both directions. The integration can be done in a few steps and is fully adapted to the highest cyber security standards.
In near real time, values can be transferred from Niagara variables to Eliona or written from Eliona to Niagara.
Alarms can be sent to Eliona and acknowledged by Eliona in Niagara. This full alarm integration makes the alarm console appear mirrored.
The Eliona driver is compatible with all Niagara hosts from version N4.9 onwards, including Supervisor, JACE8000, MAC36 and many more!
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You can find the Niagara module in our download area.
Note: This product is only available as a download. Once this product is ordered, a license will be issued to a Niagara Host ID you provide. No hardware or software is supplied.


Supervisor 10 devices
Software: Rent-a-Shop.ch