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Product description

JACE-8000 Controller
Optimized for use with Niagara 4, Tridium has developed an all-new hardware platform: the JACE-8000 controller. This state-of-the-art controller features a new global design that integrates with existing systems and can be adapted to meet future challenges.
This is a bundle of JACE-8000 hardware, the SD card and the cover clip.
As a customer and partner of ours, you automatically receive a license for our itecComponents with every JACE8000 you order.
These itecComponents contain useful modules for programming projects that are not covered by the standard libraries.
If nothing else is ordered, the clip will be delivered with ITEC logo.

Additional product information


License for 100 data points
License for 250 data points
License for 500 data points
Software: Rent-a-Shop.ch