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Product description

IoTEC Meteo Service, Weather service for Niagara
The IoTEC Meteo Service includes several API building blocks that can retrieve weather data from the Meteomatics AG API.
In contrast to the free weather services integrated in Niagara, such as the Open Weather Map, or Weather Underground, the weather data from Meteomatics are very accurate and have a resolution of 200m.
Take a look at the prestigious references of Meteomatics and convince yourself:
Meteo Service, ITEC-S-METEO:
This is a complete package of the following packages:
- Temperature Forecast, ITEC-S-METEO-TF
- Weather, ITEC-S-METEO-W
- Solar Forecast, ITEC-S-METEO-SF
Temperature Forecast, ITEC-S-METEO-TF:
The temperature forecast is especially suitable for regulating building services equipment to the upcoming temperature conditions. Set the valves today for tomorrow!
Weather, ITEC-S-METEO-W:
Get live weather data for your location. Temperature, rain, wind and many other practical data. No weather station needed!
Solar Forecast, ITEC-S-METEO-SF:
The Solar Forecast is especially suitable for PV systems. The Solar Forecast determines on the basis of your location, the input of the orientation, inclination and size of your solar plant, which power this will produce today. So wait with the storage charging until the optimal time!

You can find the module in the download area.

If you would like a test license, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a free test license.
Note: This product is only available here as a download. Once this product is ordered, a license will be issued to a Niagara Host ID you provide. No hardware or software is supplied.

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