VKG Hail Protection Signal


Product description

ITEC VKG Hail Protection
The ITEC VKG Hail Protection Service can access the official hail protection signal of the Association of Cantonal Building Insurances and evaluate it directly in Niagara.
The SIA-Norm 261/1 recommends a hail protection for buildings. Meet this requirement now directly with Niagara!
VKG Hail Protection Signal, ITEC-S-VKG-HP:
Get the hail protection signal of the VKG and use it directly in Niagara.
Get the hail status directly from VKG and protect your building infrastructure. You save the purchase and installation of a hail protection box!
You can find the module in the download area.
If you would like a trial license, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a free trial license.
Note: The VKG hail protection signal can only be used in the territory of Switzerland. Outside the national borders this signal is not supported! This product is only available here as a download. Once this product has been ordered, a license will be issued to a Niagara Host ID provided by you. No hardware or software will be delivered.

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